Why They Don’t Take Port Harcourt Entertainers Serious by Henshaw Jacobson

One of the reasons why people don’t take Port Harcourt entertainers serious is because, to start with, they don’t have the numbers to show.

Even the biggest act in Port Harcourt has been sleeping on his wooden bicycle until recently he started investing in social media.

Its all about the numbers.

As an entertainer, you have to understand that attracting a vibrant community of fans is critical to your success.

Social media has democratized everything and if you as an entertainer cannot take advantage of this digital disruption then you are probably still thinking like the people in the 70’s.

All you need today to be heard is a device with an Internet connection.

For Mark Angel, a PH based entertainer to be the most popular Nigerian on YouTube makes millions from it every month, and made it to the list of “100 Most Influential Young Nigerian” should inspire Port Harcourt Entertainers to pay premium attention to social media.

So far, the only social media channel that 93% of Port Harcourt entertainers and bloggers use is their personal Facebook account. No disrespect to the few guys who are doing amazing things online.

Tell me how do they reach out to millions Facebook users in Port Harcourt or the over  17 million Facebook users in Nigeria?

An average Port Harcourt blogger\entertainer has 1k- 3k followers on his Facebook page and many of them don’t even know how to use Instagram and Twitter meanwhile they believe they can promote Pitakwa to the world. Lol.

It’s because of this same reason they celebrated some guys who don’t even know the meaning of social media influencers as influencers recently.

It’s this same reason Bovi and others will come and do a show in Port Harcourt without recognizing Port Harcourt based comedians.

Let’s face the truth, if any comedian in Port Harcourt had up to 50, 000 followers on a platform like Instagram he wouldn’t come to Pitakwa and treat Port Harcourt comedians like people who belong to the kitchen and the other room.

Truth is, if you research the social media influencers in Port Harcourt you will be surprised that no Port Harcourt blogger is on the top 20 list. Numbers don’t lie.

Meanwhile, no disrespect to the guys putting in work to grow their brands.

And I’m not trying to be condescending here, I want everybody to up their game.

Take This From Me:

For you to attract attention this year as an entertainer or blogger, your brand must be digitally empowered.

Its time to invest in your social media.

About the author:

Henshaw Jacobson is a digital marketing professional, social media consultant and the founder of QliqMedia.

He helps businesses and individuals gain VISIBILITY, grow INFLUENCE and make MONEY using creative marketing strategies and digital tools like social media and websites.

Connect with him on social media @Henshawjacobson and Henshawjacobson@mail.com


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