My brothers and sisters, I know that tempers are high because some of us were atikulating a win. Still, we must not yield to the temptation of burning our entire building because of today’s disappointment.

The stillbirth of the much hyped Atikunation should not mean that Nigeria must be blown into smithereens. If Bernie Sanders can prepare to return to the polls, nothing stops Alhaji Atiku Abubakar from doing same in 2023.

The TSA inflicted misery of the wealthy One Percent that was dramatised in the Abuja protest votes may be exacerbated in this new phase of the Buhari-Osibanjo synergy, however, many more millions will be pulled out of extreme poverty with the survival of Buhari’s policy thrust on agriculture. The national cash transfer programs of this administration has also been given another opportunity to continue to N-Power more persons to take steps towards financial independence.

As results begin to pour in in favour of the incumbent
I can understand the disappointment and frustrations of the importers of used European commodities and Asian agro products (especially ‘foreign rice’) who before now have made stupendous wealth for themselves by making Nigeria the world’s dumpling ground. Nevertheless, the silver lining lies in the prospect of a flood of direct foreign investments that will create jobs and grow the economy as global capital cannot ignore our market size for too long.

The imminent failure of the Atiku-Obi Colabo may be a lethal blow to the claque of global-scale plutocratic manipulators and the necolonial structures that have been acting in tandem with their local fronts to catalyse, nurture and sustain systemic crisis aimed at perpetuating the economic dominance of the core and the continued crystallisation of poverty in periphery countries like ours. However, it avails us the opportunity to continue to move towards national economic independence and prosperity, however slow and uncomfortable the journey may be for all of us.

Finally, as Atiku’s 2019 ambition breathes it’s last breath, we must cease the opportunity to finish off the incendiary “we versus they” narratives that have cost us lives, properties, growth and national cohesion. Renouncing the prophecies of doom, the ethno-religious incitement/mobilisation and the politically motivated hate speeches should be commended and not mocked. Victors must as a matter of patriotism stay magnanimous and those who believed in that which is receding into oblivion must not be ashamed of their position because without them democracy loses its fundamental value of multiplicity of opinions. However, posterity beckons on them to review their positions , perhaps they may realise that a prosperous, self sufficient and orderly Nigeria can be born in our life time if we are willing to bear the temporary but natural pains of birth.

Akeodi Allswell Ali writes from Owerewere, Abua-Odual LGA, Rivers State

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