By Okonette Ekanem

While the intellectually unemployed are bickering over secession and the spoils of an imaginary war to follow, the dynamics of reality are ignored largely due to the underlying ignorance of mob followership in the political space and in the social media.

The dynamics of the Nigerian political economy is still largely influenced by the country’s mode of production where productive forces are still largely underdeveloped and where primitive accumulation holds away. For example, it is the ease with which public wealth is accessed when one is at the apex of legislative and executive political structures at all tiers of government that makes political contests so uncompromising and combatively destructive. That is where wealth is made and flaunted primitively and effortlessly and where waste is exemplified. It is there that organized looting is legislated, legalized , rehearsed and perfected.

It is thus only a fool that will, after, fighting his way into the orbit of boundless wealth, just to appease hungry home lads, now purposively commit class, political and economic suicide and legislate secession, civil war and confusion and thus unleash a vicious process that will rob him of these inexhaustible privileges.

I write this to remind people that what they hope for is just a mirage that operates only in the realm of their subjective imagination. The central ideological infrastructure of the bourgeoisie is too strong to yield to balkanization. Let us then engage our intellect on something productive and rational.

Okonette Ekanem teaches Political Science at the University of Calabar

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