Opinion: Ten Important Things Peter Obi Did Not Tell Us on The Platform — Emeka Odionu

Former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi made so many sweet talks on the Platform but these are some of the things he failed to tell gullible Nigerians as captured by a social commentator, Emeka Odionu.


On the platform at The Covenant Place, Iganmu Lagos; the former governor of Anambra state, as one of the invited guests spoke on a number of issues which are trending in the media.


It was not an interactive session, so there was no opportunity to ask him questions hence the uninformed in Anambra politics “ga ekwe nke Pita kwulu”.

I’ve been getting calls and inbox messages from Nigerians at home and in diaspora as regards Obi’s speech on the “platform” and I’ve done my best to explain to them “as onye no mgbe ife melu the true situation of things” but on a second thought decided to explain certain things online, not as a media aide to anybody but as “ezigbote onye Anambra”

  1. Peter OBI told us that he kept N75b for his successor but he didn’t tell us that part of the money he claimed he kept was a N9b NIPP money given to Anambra state by Obasanjo in which Anambra state made no financial contributions neither did he tell us that Anambra states Equity shares of N750m from Emenite Roofing Industry (a Michael Okpalla investment) which was shared to all Eastern states in the early 90’s was part of his N75b

He also forgot to tell us that N1b agricultural loan given to farmers in Anambra state by the federal government is in his N75b handover note.

  1. Peter OBI told us that he kept N75b for his successor but he did not tell us that he awarded a contract of N184b in his

last year in office, paid N78b and bequeathed a debt of N106b to his successor.

  1. Peter Obi asked governors to scrap the office of First Lady to save cost but did not tell us that his wife operated the office of First Lady with all the paraphernalia. In what capacity did Magarete Obi tour 177 communities in Anambra state thrice?

Was the office of First Lady built after Obi’s tenure?

  1. Peter OBI told us that he kept N75b for his successor but did not tell us that he inherited N11.2b from his predecessor, Dr. Chris Ngige.

He avoided telling us that the Federal Government roads in Anambra state constructed by Dr Ngige valued at about N30b was re-imbursed to him.

  1. Peter OBI did not tell us that he killed the third tier of government in Anambra state by not conducting Local Government election for eight years he governed until two months to handover.
  2. Peter Obi, speaking on “the platform” did not tell us that he employed more than 5000 civil servants two months to handover which he never did in his eight years rule.
  3. Obi admonished incumbent governors to stop drinking champagne in government house to save cost but didn’t tell us that the day Gov Obiano won, bottles of champagne were brought out from government house and shared to jubilants.
  4. Obi told us he never slept in a hotel where a room was N250,000 a night to save cost but he didn’t tell us how his aide was apprehended moving our security vote of N250m by road to Lagos.
  5. Peter Obi admonished youths to go into politics to be influential and ask their leaders questions but the youths of his senatorial zone are being shortchanged and employment eludes them because of PDP’s lingering court case sponsored by Obi.

Obi did not tell us that he was the one frustrating his senatorial zone from having a senator when he was speaking on “the platform”

  1. On “the platform”, Obi spoke on “cutting cost of governance” but did not tell us if sharing N40b to his friends and cronies on what he termed “Final Push” two months to handover was one of the ways to save cost of governance.

Pastor Poju Oyemade is doing well on his programme called “The Platform” but he should to add to the programme an opportunity to ask questions to debunk hypocrisy.1a1a


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