Photo News: Random Shots From UNIPORT’s 2014/2015 Matric

Matriculation ceremonies of universities in Nigeria are always packed with exciting sights and sounds as family, friends, religious and social organizations compete for the attention of the freshmen.

The University of Port Harcourt today held it’s 2014/2015 matriculation in honor of its freshmen and

our cameraman arrived just on time to give us a peep into the fun, food and spirit of the occasion.

It started with a smile




Then the food arrived

_IMG_000000_000000                          _IMG_000000_000000(1)




Serve the food

_IMG_000000_000000(2)   _IMG_000000_000000(10)

Girls will always be girls



Hustler                                                    vs                Fine girl

_IMG_000000_000000(9)                       _IMG_000000_000000(8)


The potential politicians

_IMG_000000_000000(11)   _IMG_000000_000000(12)






_IMG_000000_000000(5) Church vs Keggites _IMG_000000_000000(7)


Friends and family

_IMG_000000_000000(4)    _IMG_000000_000000(14)



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