Obari Lorde Kenya is a man who knew early, what he wanted in life so as a young man he ventured into the world of clothes at a time when it was not dignifying to be a “tailor”. Mr Obari who has distinguished himself in the world of fabrics with his Lordekenya designs says even if he were to choose again he would still chose to work with clothes as making people look good is the only way he finds satisfaction. He says confidently “my job has brought into contact with the high and mighty in Port Harcourt. Mr Obari hails from Eleme local government area of Rivers state. His marriage is blessed with two boys.
Mr Obari launched himself into the fashion business with just one sewing machine. Today his factory which is located at 33 Old Aba Road, opposite CMTV office in Port Harcourt is an array of the most modern machinery in the fabric making industry. When we asked to know the secret behind his success he replied in a simple manner “hard work, focus, dedication and the desire to constantly update one’s self with modern trends”.
Of the many designers in Port Harcourt, Obari stands out not just because of his dexterity with fabric but for the uncommon passion he brings to the job. A look at some of his finished works on display shows a collection of flawless sexy clothings that reveal Obaris creativity that has placed him as a designer to reckon with. It is little wonder Obari’s clients cut across the top brass of who is who in Port Harcourt.

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