Daima Appiah 

Nothing beats knowledge if one must have lasting success in any field of endeavor in life.
Knowledge precedes money and skill if one must succeed, this is so important to avoid moving in circles and still at the same spot.
Frustration sets in when one lacks knowledge of what to do and the how to go about it.
The Bible in Eccl 10v15 has it that “the labour of the foolish wearies them because they know not how to go into the city”.
Now this knowledge is not just academic, for there are a lot of things the school won’t teach, one has to find it out himself from people with results of what you are doing or about to go into, or from books of people with proven results.
Imagine reading a book written by Aliko Dangote, or Mark Zuckerberg, or Robert Kiyosaki, or Robert Clason’s book “The Richest Man in Babylon”.
These people’s books will open your eyes to how they became wealthy, not just being rich, for riches are fleeting, but wealth endures, it lasts, because there is a pattern or way to it.
Have you ever paused to wonder why it seems the? “uneducated” ones are almost the ones Commanding wealth, while the ones with all the education become their employees? Wealth lies most times in the unpleasant things, people and places.
There is way to everything, and if you can seek the way, you can always have and reproduce results, little wonder Moses in the Bible became so great, God showed him his ways, while the Isrealites were only interested in the acts(Ps 103v7)
This is what I term the employer and employee dichotomy, the employer is the boss and will remain so because he knows the way, while the employee will remain under receiving crumbs, and keep complaining, which won’t change anything.
Yes, Karl Marx said the workers should come together and overthrow the owners of the means of production, so as to end the exploitation, but how can they possibly do that when the do not possess what it takes(Knowledge and money).
Following the official announcement by the Federal Government in 2016 of Nigeria being in recession, so many persons started looking for additional streams of income, especially salary earners, network marketing companies and their marketers made it their selling point, almost became a cliche, asking people to come on board as a protection against the recession, but it was just a way to use others to climb up the ladder, they would never show you how to get up there via knowledge sharing, so you see that you alone have the responsibility to seek for the knowledge that can liberate you from whatever it is you don’t like, no one can do it for you.
Take responsibility for your life, give it all it takes, success dies not come on a platter of gold, you’ve got to work it out via knowledge.
Remember this… Every man’s mountain is his ignorance

Daima Appiah  is a Port Harcourt based Civic Education teacher and Human Capacity Developer

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