How Wike’s Men Tried to Hijack Funeral Session of Former Lawmaker for Second Tenure Endorsement –Leyii Kwanee

Former Deputy Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Leyii Kwane and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress has decried the attempt by some politicians loyal to the Rivers State governor to cease the valedictory session of the late Andrew Miller which took place at the State Assembly Complex and use it as an endorsement meeting for the second tenure of Chief Nyesom Wike.
Kwanee said that to his utter disbelieve, while the legislative session of their late colleague was still on-going, John Bazia a former commissioner who was sacked by Wike in 2016 brought a form to him which he later discovered was to collect signatures for the endorsement of Governor Wike for a second tenure.
He said “ I was shocked by that conduct as that session was supposed to be a solemn session to remind us that one day we shall also lie like our late colleague”.
“it surprised me that such an environment could be used to convers for a governor’s second tenure”.
Leyii Kwanee said after he turned down the request he discovered that half of the people who were inside the chambers had disappeared and moved to the Rivers state government house. He said, as the leader of the delegation to the valedictory session, Hon Elemchukwu Obowo was sent to convince him to join those who had gone to the government house but he turned down the request.
Speaking with pressmen on Monday, Leyii Kwanee disassociated himself and members of the Rivers state seventh assembly from news stories carried by some media houses which held that “the forum of former lawmakers” had endorsed Governor Wike for a second tenure.
Leyii said the said forum of lawmakers which was presented by Senator Adawari Pepple never existed before now but was hurriedly put together for the purpose of that visit. He said it was wrong for them to have claimed that all Rivers state former lawmakers had endorsed Wike for a second tenure because, to the best of his knowledge, no member of the seventh assembly signed the document.
He said he had expected that Senator Adawari Pepple and the other lawmakers involved in the second tenure endorsements would convoke a special session where people can brainstorm and proffer solutions to the black sooth, insecurity, unpaid pensions and the myriad of problems confronting the state.
“ if we do an endorsement and we get to 2019 and there are no people to rule again what will all of these translate to?”
“should we talking about endorsement when the streets of Port Harcourt are now competing with the streets of Aba in dirt?”

He said Rivers state was now heading in the direction of Syria hence all leaders of the state should come together and give direction rather than focusing on endorsements for 2019.

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