Looking Back At Rivers State In 2015, Ekiti Vote Buying Is A Lesser Evil

The Ekiti governorship election has come and gone but accusations and counter-accusations of vote buying continue to be hurled against at each other especially between the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party who were the major contenders. Though neither APC nor PDP has pleaded guilty to these weighty allegations bordering on electoral malpractice […]

The good and the bad sides of ‘zobo’ drink

Consumption of zobo drink is very effective in the management of hypertension due to its anti-hypertensive properties, says Dr Ochuko Erukainure, a nutritional biochemist. Erukainure, a senior research officer with the Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi, Lagos State, disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos. According to him… • Zobo drink, also known as hibiscus drink, helps in […]


RIVERS APC 2019 GUBERNATORIAL HOPEFULS* *➖A SWOT ANALYSIS.➖* Undoubtedly Rivers State is the centre of attention in the Nigerian political space considering its strategic position in the overall governance of the Nation. Since its Creation in May 27, 1967, Rivers State has been under the control of different Military Governors until 1999 when Nigeria eventually […]