90% of Those Who Went With Wike To Lagos Know How Worthless The Awards Are But Won’t Be Able To Say It-Celestine Akpobari

Comrade Celestine Akpobari, a world renowned Ogoni born human and environmental activist. In this explosive interview with Feel Rivers , the vocal social critic bares his mind on the loads of accolades acquired by the Governor of Rivers state, Chief Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, vis a vis the current state of things in the oil rich state

Feel Rivers: Governor Nyesom Wike was yesterday bestowed with the Silverbird Man of the Year Award, what’s your take?

Celestine AkpoBari: That award and several others are very unnecessary at the moment considering the terrible state of things in Rivers State since 2015 when Barr Wike took over power. Apart from the completion of some roads, what has Wike dine in Rivers State for over two years? Nothing. He puts Rivers money in his back pocket and spends from there

Feel Rivers: But he is renovating schools

Celestine AkpoBari: Is that development? You allow newly built schools and health centres to grow forest and you renovate old ones

Feel Rivers: From Sun man of the year to Silverbird Man of the Year, is there any possible link of these awards to the 2019 elections?

Celestine AkpoBari: Not really, I think Wike Is Just trying to intimidate and box in all these PDP leaders that are dragging the soul of the party with him

Feel Rivers: Days before receiving the award, students of Community Secondary School Olanada protested over lack of teachers. Gov Wike reacted by saying it was arranged by the APC,    what is your take?

Celestine AkpoBari: It doesn’t matter who is behind the protest, what is important to me and every reasonable Rivers person is whether the reasons given for the protest were correct. We seriously need more of such protest from all the abandoned sectors.

Feel Rivers: Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar while presenting the award to Wike praised him for connecting Opobo to the mainland. Is this one of the projects you described in your recent radio interview as having been 80%completed by the previous administrations? Please tell us more.

Celestine AkpoBari: Yes, that’s one of the several. Apart from Saakpenwa Bori road, I am yet to see any new road constructed by Wike. Infact, the governor has destroyed more resources and properties of the state than what has been achieved. Look at how much Rivers State spend in Lagos any time there was such arrangee award

Feel Rivers: You call it an ‘arrangee’ award but Senator Ben Murray Bruce, Chairman of the Silverbird group said the award was earned as it was voted by Nigerians

Celestine AkpoBari: Where did the vote take place? What parameter did they use in arriving at who wins? Senator Ben Bruce can say that to children from another country not this Naija

Feel Rivers: If you were a parent to one of those Rivers state students on foreign scholarship children abandoned abroad because Governor Wike said there was no money to pay for their fees or if you were one of RSSDA Staff said to have been owed salaries for more than 24 months, how would you react to these awards?

Celestine AkpoBari: I will see it as very undeserving. I see the awards as nothing but watery.

Feel Rivers: Finally sir, do you think these multiple awards has endeared Gov Wike more to the electorate  thus making the work of the opposition more cumbersome?

Celestine AkpoBari: Citizens that go out to vote on election day do not know anything about these awards and they will not care to know because it doesn’t put food on their table. Even 90% of those with Wike in Lagos know how worthless the awards are but won’t be able to say it

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