100,000 Tractors For Smallholder Farmers In The Niger Delta

Tractor maker John Deere and India’s biggest conglomerate, Tata Group, have agreed a groundbreaking initiative to provide machinery to as many as 100,000 smallholder farmers in the Niger Delta region.

Under their agreement, Tata John Deere, the joint venture with distribution rights for Nigeria, will deploy up to 300 tractors over the next two years to farms spanning 120,000 hectares, or 463 square miles, in the Niger Delta and adjoining states.

With plowing times ranging from 20 minutes to half a day on each of the thousands of adjacent smallholdings, the tractors will save farmers several days to weeks of toiling by hand.

Individual farmers will undertake self-financing lease agreements for the use of both the tractor and a driver as part of an overall package that includes collective agreements to reduce the cost of seeds and fertilizers and increase the sale price of their crops.

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